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Are you a fan of Spotify Wrapped?

March 27th 2023

I am sure you will be familiar with the influx of posts on social media when Spotify Wrapped is released in early December. Everyone somehow manages to be in the top 5% of listeners to their favourite artists, and everyone is keen to share their taste with the world. With the exception of men whose sole goal in life is to ‘educate’ women on really ‘good’ music (come on I know we’ve all dated at least one of them…) I am generally pretty intrigued by what my friends (and social media acquaintances) have selected as the soundtrack to their year.

To return the favour I can proudly announce that I was in the top 1% of listeners to, Cosmo Sheldrake, my top artist of 2021. This year was a year of madness to such an extent that songs from the perspective of a tardigrade and an axolotl were the top of my most listened to songs of the year (yes, really, this is true).

Much as I enjoy the drama of Spotify Wrapped, where is all this hype for our avid readers?

We present for you LoveMyRead Wrapped, to show you all of your favourite picks of the year from our bookshop to our blog posts. Some will be familiar but if you have managed to miss some of the top trends then you will be well set to catch up on the reading everyone has loved this year.

Your favourite books by the season:


Girl A by Abigail Dean.

The winter dark and chills clearly lead to some dark dark thoughts as this psychological thriller was by far the most popular Winter read of 2021.


The Last Thing he told me by Laura Dave.

The appetite for thrillers was still going strong all the way into spring, but the close second to Dave’s thriller was Maggie Shipstead’s Great Circle.


The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley-Heller.

As the sun grew hotter all you wanted to read was a sultry love story (accompanied by a carefully matched summer cocktail).


https://lovemyread.com/shop/be... by Sally Rooney

As the weather cooled and the leaves turned, you sought the comfort of the latest Sally Rooney.

Overall Top Picks:

Your Favourite Book of 2021:

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley-Heller

Your Favourite Genre of the Year:

The genre of the year was thriller

In other reading, your top blog series of the year was:

The Classics Calculator

Of which Jane Eyre was the most loved of your classics.

You also enjoyed chuckling at the (questionable) advice of WWII era men in don’t pilot a plane on your period.


And last but not least you enjoyed a little bit of drama in Can Books be Too Readable?.


And that’s a wrap on 2021! We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year with new books!

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