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Blind Date with a Book

March 27th 2023

Back in March 2020, Lockdown number one saw some real TV binge watching, and a favourite that was returned to many times was the classically awful First Dates: a real guilty pleasure. For those of you unfamiliar with the show (although you may well be able to deduce the contents from the title) the applicants to the show are set up on blind dates in the ‘first dates restaurant’ and viewers are shown their awkward (or steamy) interactions from start to finish. At the end of the night the daters are asked whether or not they would like to go on a second date, and are forced to answer in front of one another (no shady sneaking off to vote in the car as in Come Dine With Me).

Blind dates are one of those things that I see all the time in films. Broken hearted singletons are set up with friends, or sent on disastrous speed dates, the absolute excess of shows with blind dating as the premise demonstrates just how much we love this concept. The juicy voyeurism of observing two personalities coming together and desperately scrambling for common ground to bridge between either attraction or repulsion.

I personally have never been on a blind date and as I am currently living on a very rural farm, the only surprise faces come in the form of the endless stream of cats who need no invitation to make themselves at home for dinner. You may not be on a farm with only cats for company, but perhaps you have - understandably - tired of the Tinder/Hinge/Bumble rotation. So to bring a little spice to the book scene I offer you a blind speed date with a book.

Who says reading isn’t sexy?

Below you will find a series of questions that you might ask a potential romantic partner on a first date, but the second date will not involve margaritas or high heels (although having said that it can involve whatever you like) but will (like Naked Attraction) unveil your next read.

Setting the scene:

Gentle waves roll into a sandy shore: it’s a cloudy morning and you have met for a coffee at a beachside coffee shop.

You have a list of essential questions to vet your next potential romance

Question One (the most important): Favourite book?

The Chronicles of Narnia (particularly the snowy scene in which Lucy meets the faun).

An excellent choice!

Question Two: Favourite food?


An abrupt response but not necessarily bad.

Question Three: Favourite art work?

Imaginary Prisons

A little morbid.

Question six: Any siblings?

Two. One 16 years older than me and the other 14 years older.

The baby of the family…

Question Four: Favourite philosopher?


Can’t beat a classic.

Question Five: What do you do for a living?

Previously journalism, but now I am functioning self sufficiently.


Would this somewhat terse date get a second?

If the answer is yes then follow the link to meet your new beau, if it is no then maybe follow it anyway for the grand reveal!

Happy book date!

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