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Find out which drink is the perfect accompaniment to your Feburary reading

March 27th 2023

Devotion by Hannah Kent

Devotion is the story of a young girl who embarks with her community on a voyage in search of peace. The community wants to be able to follow their religion without fear, Hanne’s desires are more complex, but she longs for connection to the natural world. Hanne’s strangeness does her no favours on the challenging journey that is ahead of her.


This is a long, lyrical, emotional text. The bittersweet flavours of a Honey Rye Manhattan is the perfect drink that encapsulates the warmth and beauty of the prose, with a little bit of sourness to mirror the tragic undercurrent in this book.

The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews

A man returns home from war at the demand of his sister, and finds that evil has entered his home. His sister believes that one of their servants is the culprit and that she has cursed the family. Her brother does not believe in witchcraft and searches for another answer, but all the while the servant remains in prison: her life hanging in the balance.


A tantalising work of gothic historical fiction, with evil snaking its way beneath the surface. The only acceptable drink to pair with this one is dark red wine, drunk from a silver goblet or something equally dramatic…

Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades

A first person collective narrative, this debut follows the lives of 5 second generation immigrant women, as they navigate their world in Queens, NY. The collective narrative draws on the collective difficulty that is shared between second generation immigrants as they attempt to find a place between their ancestry and contemporary America.


A brilliant, poetic work celebrating women of colour. As this is set in Queen, New York, it is only right that the favourite drink of Queens is enjoyed with this book: a craft beer from a suitably swanky bar.

A Very Nice Girl Imogen Crimp

A small town girl finds herself in the big smoke as she follows her dreams of becoming an opera singer at a prestigious conservatory. Anna is not really sure who she is, and her struggle to form meaningful relationships defines her time in London. Her complicated relationship with an older, emotionally cold and wealthy man is an example of a classic trope being used in innovative ways to ask new and pertinent questions.


In my mind rich older men who date somewhat vulnerable younger women drink lot of espresso. This is so that when they are mid breaking the hearts of said girls, they can down their drink and leave smoothly. As such I think the only appropriate drink to accompany this is a strong espresso shot: downed in one.

The Patient Tim Sullivan

A woman has died and the police and coroner agree that the death is not suspicious. The dead woman’s mother is convinced that they are wrong. Luckily for her there is one detective who is willing to take on her case…


A nail biting thriller, you need your wits about you to follow all the hints and clues in this. I would recommend a chai latte to accompany this thriller.

The Push Ashley Audrain

A perfect couple have a perfect baby. But all is not well in paradise. There is something off about this little girl, but it seems to the mother that only she can see it. Then tragedy strikes; but was it really an accident?


This one is an absolutely terrifying ride. Nothing but the sweetest of sugary drinks should go with this book. I would say sip on a lemonade, and watch the chaos unfold.

The Silence of Scheherazade Dephne Suman

A child is born to an opium addicted mother in September 1905 in the ancient city of Smyrna. A meticulously researched and beautifully written story, this is a truly epic novel.


A traditional Turkish drink should accompany this novel. Perhaps a Turkish coffee (boiled not brewed!) or if you want something a little stronger than pour yourself some Raki, but make sure you are still paying attention to all the details of the novel!

Kristin Hannah Four Winds

1930’s Texas: disaster has swept in with a vengeance and impossible choices must be made by the people who have called the land their home.


With a touch of tragic irony, this book needs to be accompanied by a glass of water! The drought and dust of this era in American history seeps from the page and will leave you feeling thirsty. If you want something more exciting than water then a pot of herbal tea will quench your thirst and help hydrate you for the inevitable tears…

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