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Happy Earth Day!

May 6th 2021

First established in 1970, Earth Day now works with over 75,000 partners in 192 countries around the world to drive positive climate action. That’s over a whopping one billion people mobilised to make change.

In the US, President Biden today convenes 40 World Leaders at a climate convention to consider the most pressing issues facing the environment and planet. While we eagerly await news of the event, we’re convening here five brilliant books on nature, climate and eco-activism in our own little celebration of Mother Earth.

A Life on Our Planet

Guest of honour at the party can only be Sir David Attenborough. His latest book, A Life On Our Planet, is a reflection on the lessons he’s learned about the natural world over his lifetime and career. Tracking changes in the natural world by time period, Sir David celebrates creatures lost and examines what we can do to preserve and protect – but most of all, to turn back the tide of negative change. An astonishing, heartfelt and important book, it’s also one impossible to read in anything other than Sir David’s dulcets.

A Life On Our Planet (£20 RRP) - Available in the LoveMyRead Shop.

Back to Nature

Following hot on his heels, one of the nation’s most beloved naturalists and TV presenters, Chris Packham. This is a book for those who adore being out in the natural world – or perhaps have discovered it for the first time in lockdown. It’s an optimistic, practical book which shows each and every one of us what we can do to make a difference. Perfect for the eco-activist and curious alike.

Back To Nature
(£20 RRP) - Available for £10 in the LoveMyRead Shop or subscribe with this book.

The Wild Silence

Our last non-fiction suggestion is a stunning, beautiful and tear-jerking read from Raynor Winn. Those who read and loved The Salt Path will find themselves bowled over by this book. Written in gorgeous prose, it’s a journey through the British landscape and the lives we live in it. Reading it is like a peaceful and restful countryside getaway. Gorgeous.

The Wild Silence - Available for £9.99 in the LoveMyRead Shop or subscribe with this book

Miss Benson's Beetle

Our first fiction suggestion for the nature lover is the funny, moving adventure of Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce. Following the journey of two unlikely heroines as they try to track down a golden beetle in New Caledonia, this is a beautiful book packed with all the joy of the natural world and its adventures.

Miss Benson's Beetle - Available for £16.99 in the LoveMyRead Shop or subscribe with this book.

The High House

And finally, from Jessie Greengrass, a pressing and visionary title on the future of the planet, The High House. Leading the way in the new cli-fi genre, this book reads like a literary thriller and explores the lengths we will go to save the ones we love.

The High House - Available for £14.99 in the LoveMyRead Shop or subscribe with this book

Happy reading this wonderful earth day!

Vicki & The LoveMyRead Team x

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