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Happy World Book Day!

April 22nd 2021

It’s the day of the year that kids love and parents approach with dread. Have I bought the tin foil, the face paint and bin liners for the costumes? Have we got anything in the cupboard that we can recycle into a superhero outfit? How do I keep them entertained after the first five minutes of dressing-up joy?

This most unusual of World Book Days, celebrated for the first time at home, will certainly be a memorable one for being so strange. But this year’s theme of ‘share a story’ is perhaps more important than ever. As children up and down the land are soon to emerge from a year which threatens to define their childhood, books and stories are the perfect antidote to the social estrangement they’ve experienced.

Stories after all, people our imaginations with different characters, help us get to know people like us and people totally different too. So whether you decide today to share the first story you ever loved with the child in your life, or encourage your child to tell you a story they’ve never told before, it’s a fantastic way to bring warmth, hope and colour into their lives. With many kids returning to school from next week, there are sure to be a few nerves among lots of excitement, so sharing a story today is the perfect way to get those social skills working again like clockwork.

We’re shining a spotlight today on friend of LoveMyRead, Joseph Coelho. LoveMyReaders who have been with us since September will remember with fondness his wonderfully wacky story, Zombierella which settled goose pimples on the arms of every reader. We love his attitude to reading:

“There is a magic in receiving a new book, a special window is opened up between not just the minds of the writer and illustrator but also all of the readers all over the world who are sharing the story with you, perhaps…at the exact same time you are reading it!”
I have a sense that YOU are a brave reader so whilst you make your way through Zombierella, spare a thought for those other readers out there who find that their hair is standing on end as they read a chapter or that their skin is goose-pimpling – send them a bit of our bravery as you read and you’ll probably find that as they read they’ll send you a bit of theirs...”

Joseph is one of the many brilliant children’s authors getting involved in World Book Day today in a whole range of activities. If your brave young reader devoured Zombierella, then check out this fab video of Joseph on the joy of poetry, of daffodils and maybe even take up his challenge to write a poem on a leaf...sure to keep creative minds buzzing today!

However you spend World Book Day today and whether your costume is high art or more bin-bag, we hope you get the chance to revel in the joy of sharing stories.

Vicki & the LoveMyRead team x

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