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Hello, Autumn Reader.

March 6th 2021

As the world turns golden for Autumn, it's time to get cosy with one of our beautiful books for October.

As the last of our Indian Summer sun begins to fade into the gorgeous coppers of Autumn, there’s nothing that we love better than snuggling up with a great book.

We are so excited about our selection for October, which presents an incredible range of genres and shines the spotlight on two rising stars: debut author Polly Crosby and favourite of Bernardine Evaristo, Sharon Duggal. There’s a book here for any mood: something sweet, something funny, something soul-warming, heart-breaking, heart-mending, future-bending…

Polly Crosby’s shimmering debut, The Illustrated Child, is a totally enchanting and completely heart-wrenching depiction of a dad-daughter relationship pushed to its limits by the evil dealings of fate, the mind and mental health. Containing a hidden treasure hunt, the novel brings child-like glee to every reader, anticipating the gold they can find in its pages.

There’s little wonder why Bernardine Evaristo has picked out Sharon Duggal for praise previously – for Sharon’s second novel, Should We Fall Behind is a heart-breaking and heart-mending story of love and loss in London so stunning that it’s quickly become an all-time favourite for us at LoveMyRead. This is not a novel full of fireworks, but it’s written with such an infectious tenderness, such love and compassion that it’s hard not to smile at strangers on the street after reading it.

If a laugh is what the doctor ordered for October, then choose The Windsor Knot by S J Bennett. This is a brilliantly bizarre and side-splittingly funny story about Her Majesty On a secret service… involving a kinky pianist, a whip crack sidekick and a very Miss Marple-esque mystery…

Or if you’re longing for escape to distant horizons, then The First Woman by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi has to be the one for you. This totally intoxicating, stunning novel finds its richness in Ugandan mythology and is written with a finesse that brings to mind such literary giants as Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Choose The First Woman if you like your feminism dealt up in fiction; or Loud Black Girls if you’d prefer a collection of fist-pumpingly epic essays by totally inspiring and brilliant black women. Give this one to every girl in your life.

October is also the month when David Attenborough saves the planet, via his unforgettable witness statement on the climate crisis, A Life On Our Planet. I defy anyone to read this book with dry eyes (or without Sir DA’s dulcets in their head). This is without doubt, the most important book that anyone will read this half century.

Whichever title you choose, prepare yourself to come away with a soul a bit lighter, a bit brighter and a lot more full.

Happy reading!

The LoveMyRead Team x

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