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Looking for an excuse to crack open the Christmas Bailey’s early?

January 16th 2022

Looking for an excuse to crack open the Christmas Bailey’s? Check which festive drinks you should pair with December’s top picks.

≈We have an incredible set of books to bring us to the end of 2021 and I fully expect that they will be read in slightly boozy style, as is fitting to banish the December chill.

The Rose Code, Kate Quinn

This is a fascinating and intriguing story following the lives of three women brought together at the infamous Bletchley Park in 1940. The dual timeline will have you itching to know what happens next as the storylines of these three very different women unfold.


What better drink to accompany a period drama than the timeless Old Fashioned. Mix in some cranberry syrup and garnish with orange to bring a festive kick to this classic drink.

The Promise Damon Galgut

A powerful examination of the post Apartheid era in South Africa, Galgut focuses on the failure of a family over several generations to fulfil a promise made. Through this one family he creates a microcosm of the lies and moral failings that followed the end of Apartheid.


This Booker Prize winning novel deserves your full attention, so curl up on the sofa with a melted chocolate orange hot chocolate and enjoy Galgut’s masterful and cinematic writing style in indulgent comfort.

Crossroads Jonathan Franzen

With humour, warmth and openness this tour de force of a novel will guide you through a myriad of different perspectives and experiences. A truly joyful and fascinating book to end the year with.


As indulgent as the language that Franzen uses to tell his story, the perfect drink to sip whilst you read is undoubtedly the creamy Christmas goodness of that Bailey’s bottle you have stashed away somewhere, crack it open and get reading!

Malibu Rising Taylor Jenkins Reid

It is Malibu summertime and tensions are sizzling in the sun. The past will rise up and bring its secrets with it until the glitter and glamour of the world as you know it goes up in flames.


This compelling and sexy summer novel deserves a cocktail to take you to the heart of the party. Take yourself truly into the grecian summer and read this with an ouzo lemonde, mixed with a dash of honey, lemon and a sprig of mint. This is the one for you if you are keen to escape the winter chill and dream yourself back into the summer sun.

In Every Mirror She’s Black Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

This novel is straight to the point and utterly unflinching, it is focused on communicating the lives of the three female protagonists and you will appreciate the blazing honesty and memorable nature of their narratives.


This book set in Sweden should be enjoyed with a traditional Swedish Christmas drink: Swedish glogg: the Swedish version of mulled wine. Or if you really want to go the Swedish Christmas way, then just go for straight shots of vodka. My one Swedish Christmas with my then-boyfriend predictably led to a very hungover English Christmas the next day…

Because of You Dawn French

If you like your books page-turning and weepy, then make some room to be heartbroken all over again by Dawn French.


This tear jerking novel should be paired with the soothing comfort of a black forest hot chocolate (with whipped cream).

Moonflower Murders Anthony Horowitz

This exceptional murder mystery is a meaty and brilliant read; gritty, intriguing and satisfyingly long, it is the perfect choice if you want to lose a few days in a good book.


Anthony Horowitz is an icon of energetic and eccentric wit, and the drink to perfectly match his mix of sharp and fizzing wit is ginger ale and whiskey.

Small Pleasures Clare Chambers

This is the book that has come up the most often in recommendations this year, over and over again I have had friends tell me that I must read it (I did, and I loved it). This intimate picture of relationships blossoming and in some places rotting will propel itself straight to the top of your best reads of the year.


The small pleasure of a delicious hot buttered rum could not go amiss with this truly wonderful novel.

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