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November's Picks: Kids

March 6th 2021


As the days slip towards bonfire night, we’re getting excited about toasting marshmallows and showing off our fabulous selection of new books this month.

We’ve selected some utterly gorgeous stories for your little ones to get stuck into.

0-3: A Superhero Like You by Dr Ranj and Liam Darcy

What’s it about?

A celebration of incredible key-workers by Dr Ranj, presenter of CBeebies series Get Well Soon, resident doctor on ITV's This Morning and front line NHS paediatrician.

Why is it so brilliant?

From doctors, teachers and air ambulance paramedics to scientists, recycling truck drivers and carers, this charming book introduces little readers to real-life heroes using their incredible superpowers of kindness, care and love. And best of all, it will inspire your little one to see their own potential to be a superhero.

4-6: Jeremy Worried About The Wind by Pamela Butchart & Kate Hindley

What’s it about?

A quirky, touching fully illustrated picture book that will open up important conversations about worries and anxiety from Blue Peter prize winning author, Pamela Butchart.

Why is it so brilliant?

Packed full of fabulous humour, Jeremy Worried About The Wind is a lovely story with engaging illustrations about facing and overcoming our worries. It story shows us how sharing our worries can help us not just to face them but overcome them too.

7-9: Bandit’s Daughter: Kung Fu Girl In Ancient China

What’s it about?

Bandit’s Daughter is the thrilling tale of Mu Guiying - kung fu warrior and military genius. Like Robin Hood or King Arthur she’s a tantalising mixture of truth and fiction who has inspired many real historical figures.

Why is it so brilliant?

This brilliant book is based on a true story and we absolutely love it. Readers will be inspired by Mu Guiying's strength in adversity and by a tale of great moral courage.

10-12: Glassheart by Katherine Orton

What’s it about?

Glassheart is roaring fire of a book, a winterish adventure story set on Dartmoor in the aftermath of World War Two. It has a terrific, twilight atmosphere with great landscapes, ancient spirits and a courageous child. Nona’s uncle is a restorer of stained glass windows and at its heart this is a story about putting the World back to rights after terrible events.

Why is it so brilliant?

This gorgeously atmospheric book will capture your child’s imagination and take them to new places. Delicately exploring themes of grief, loss and courage, it’s a book to warm the very soul.

I hope we’ve helped you to get even more excited about the book whizzing it’s way to your family this November. Remember books are living entities with people, places, conversations, thoughts and feelings but they don’t come alive until you open them up and start reading. So go create some magic!!

Happy Reading

The LoveMyRead Team


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