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November's Picks: Adults

March 6th 2021


As the days slip towards bonfire night, we’re getting excited about toasting marshmallows and showing off our fabulous selection of books for November.

We’ve got something to make your heart sing, your soul soar; to inspire the mind, to thrill, to stir and to leave utterly entranced...

Murder on Mustique by Anne Glenconner

What’s it about?

When Amanda Fortini, the island’s starlet, goes missing, Lady Vee steps in to help solve the case. But unravelling the clues scattered around the island threatens to ruin everything she holds dear…

Why should I choose it?

This is a fabulously escapist murder mystery set on the private Caribbean island once frequented by Princess Margaret. Utterly compelling and so stunningly written you can smell the ocean, hear the cicadas and taste the vodka martinis.

Mr Wilder & Me by Jonathan Coe

What’s it about?

Calista is a young girl standing on the precipice of adulthood - yet to fall in love, yet to find her passion - when she’s thrown headfirst into the starry world of film director Billy Wilder. Ahead lies a summer of adventure, food, extraordinary stories and friendships that will change her life forever.

Why should I choose it?

Pour yourself a glass of red and pull up a wheel of brie because this glorious, gorgeous book is totally transporting: the perfect escape into sunshine, romance, good food and a brilliant story.

The Searcher by Tana French

What’s it about?

Cal, an ex-Chicago police officer, dreams of a peaceful retirement in a remote Irish Village. But when he finds himself being watched, it’s not long before he’s embroiled in the search for a missing person.

Why should I choose it?

An absolute masterclass in thriller writing, this is one of those quietly sinister stories that creeps up on you until suddenly you’re caught utterly in its grasp.

Leave The World Behind by Rumaan Alam

What’s it about?

Amanda and Clay head out to holiday home with their kids, glad of a break from it all. But a knock on their door brings a couple claiming to be the owners, just as the end of the world starts to unfold around them.

Why should I choose it?

It’s little surprise that this brilliant book has already been optioned for a huge Netflix production starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. Dystopian, thrilling and wonderfully nightmarish.

The Life I Was Meant To Live by Julien Sandrel

What’s it about?

Romane is living an ordinary, quiet life when a patient claims to have discovered her secret: that she lives a double life, in disguise, in a different town. As she embarks on a journey of discovery, family secrets begin to unravel and life becomes doubly complicated and doubly perfect.

Why should I choose it?

This witty, beautiful and moving novel is absolutely bursting with love. Whether devoured in an afternoon or savoured over a month, it’s heady, gorgeous and romantic.

Back To Nature by Chris Packham and Megan McCubin

What’s it about?

Naturalists Chris Packham and Megan McCubin celebrate the wonders of the natural world in this gloriously hopeful and joyous book. They bring immense positivity to the conversation about conservation and paint a picture of the enormous difference every individual can make.

Why should I choose it?

Packham’s absolute, boyish and joyous passion for nature bursts through every page in this delightful and important book. A total hopeful and joyous read.

Which book will you choose?

The LoveMyRead Team x

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