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Pumpkin Spice Latte or Apple Cider? Your Guide to November's Books

December 4th 2021

As we have moved into Winter it is time to get started on the seasonal drinks! I am a huge fan of a hot apple cider; of sipping mulled wine at a winter party; and although I generally have my coffee black, an oat milk gingerbread latte is the most perfect thing to drink on a frosty afternoon, wrapped in a long scarf and walking through piles of fallen leaves.

This November, these are the appropriate soul warming drinks to set the scene for your Winter reading picks!

The Lincoln Highway, Amor Towles

It’s 1954 and we are on America’s first Transcontinental Highway. Our protagonist, Emmett is returning home from juvenile jail to pick up his little brother and carve out a fresh start. But some friends from his past have other ideas, and so begins a glorious journey across America, filled with vivid storytelling, characters and locations.


A hot toddy, a little bit of a kick, but also the soothing restorative properties of this drink will perfectly accompany this contemporary epic.

A Three Dog Problem S J Bennett

As we all know, Queen Elizabeth II is an exceedingly busy woman, who loves corgis, and solving murders in her free time! The Queen and her assistant Rosie return for a second instalment of intrigues at Buckingham Palace.


Personally I would go for a deliciously sweet hot chocolate piled up with whipped cream for this one, light, airy and sweet (and maybe a measure of rum or baileys to spice it up!). But equally it would be hard not to mention the classic cup of British tea that would go very well with this oh so British thriller!

The Replacement, Melanie Golding

Mythologies of the sea are woven into a story that asks hard hitting questions about motherhood and the bond between mother and child. A dark, dark thriller, for dark November evenings.


The queen of winter drinks, this one demands mulled wine! A large glass of mulled wine (or red if you haven’t stocked up on spices yet) is the perfect warming accompaniment to this thriller.

My Monticello, Jocelyn Nicole Johnson

A brilliant and bold new voice in American fiction explores race, displacement and legacies, in an all too near future.


This is a book to be carried around with you, it will absorb you no matter your location, so it should also be read with a classic cafe drink! Sit in the frosty window of a shop, tuning out the background bubble and sip a gingerbread latte while you enjoy the incredible writing of Jocelyn Nicole Johnson.

Lily: A Tale of Revenge, Rose Tremain

Terrible secrets haunt this novel set in the foggy streets of 19th century England. Meticulous in historical detail, and wrapped in Gothic charm, this is the perfect escapist winter read.


Revenge is best served cold, and an icy cocktail is a welcome accompaniment to this novel. I would go for a white russian, straight and to the point, like the rebellious protagonist; but any favourite ice cold cocktail wouldn’t go amiss here, just make sure you’re thinking of sweet, sweet revenge whilst you sip it!

At Night All Blood is Black, David Diop

The winner of the International Man Booker, this new angle on the first world war from the perspective of Black soldiers, recruited from the colonies, a hypnotising from a brilliant writer.


An irish coffee would go perfectly with this one, you’ll want to stay up to read it, and the sweetness of this drink will surely be welcome against the violent reality of the contents.

Dead Ground, M W Craven

A fast paced crime thriller, laced with humour, this is a delightfully clever book, filled with twists and turns of plot that will keep you guessing until the last minute.


You want a clear head to be able to follow the intricacies of this thriller, so a hot spiced apple is the way to go. A real favourite winter drink of mine, load it up with brown sugar and orange peel to get the best of the taste!

The Dressmaker of Paris, Georgia Kaufmann

Our ambitious and driven protagonist faces the most momentous evening of her life and recalls the life that has led her to this moment. A story that will take you round the world, and leave your head spinning.


For this book I would insist on a red wine hot chocolate, a perfect and indulgent mix of two French speciality drinks. Heat the chocolate and milk, add a cup of red wine, sugar, sea salt and vanilla and voila !

Whatever you drink with your book picks, we hope you will enjoy the onset of the wintery season and enjoy the books we have picked out for you as much as we did!

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