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Taylor Swift Romance Picks

January 16th 2022

Anyone who knows me now would probably be very surprised by the fact that one of my guilty pleasures is Taylor Swift. Her 2012 album, Red, was the soundtrack of the decade for me, and Speak Now has always made me tear up. She was the first artist I ever wanted to see live and I think it is safe to say she has got me through many an angsty, emotional moment.

In November of this year Taylor (yet again) took the world by storm when she released her remake of Red, as Red: (Taylor’s Version). This album includes her 10 minute long version of All Too Well that has totally unexpectedly shot to number 1 on the charts, breaking the record for the longest song to ever reach no.1 - we clearly are all nursing some heartbreak for the one that got away!

It had been a while since I had listened to Taylor regularly, but this record breaking, super indulgent, extended version of All Too Well, seemed a good enough reason to get back into the habit and - Wow! I had to go and sit in the woods to recover. Taylor really wanted to dredge up every ounce of emotion from my most recent breakup and she succeeded beautifully. Given that the rest of the world is clearly having the same experience, in honour of Taylor, and the many, many heartbreaks she has transformed into music for us to be heartbroken to: here are the top romance picks for your various heartbreak or heart-warming desires.

A Theatre for Dreamers, set in the scorching Grecian sun of the 1960s is a dazzling book with sexy, charismatic characters and an undertone of dark jealousies.

‘It is Malibu’s nature to burn’ and this novel is burning with passion and intrigue, as the complicated loves and lives of four siblings collide in one fateful night of partying.

In the wake of a devastating heartbreak, Flo sets out in the footsteps of a woman she doesn’t know who took a journey half a century before in The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon.

Or if you just can’t choose, but you need some extra romance to get you through the holidays, then you can buy our incredible Romance Bundle, and we will send you three handpicked, hardback romance novels. You can listen to Taylor whilst you unbox your books and accompanying goodies to get you in the right mood!

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