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The simple answer to your gift giving woes

December 4th 2021

Whether in the form of the book, one of the many film adaptations or even a theatrical retelling of the story, the Christmas season doesn't ever feel quite complete without a rendition of A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ descriptions of London’s foggy streets and overbearing factories remain vividly in our popular imagination of Britain, but along with the hangover from his somewhat dim view of our capital city, he has undoubtedly influenced our shared consciousness of Christmas and what Christmas should look like - one semi naked man, bedecked in green furred finery, in the corner of your living room anyone?

Jokes aside, the rich visions of Christmas decadence, feasting, snow and merriment Dickens summons for his miserly protagonist, have truly set the blueprint for how Christmas should look, feel, smell and taste, ensuring that A Christmas Carol remains an eternal Christmas necessity.

Along with powerful imagery Dickens also delivers us some fine moralising and sage wisdom (such as the potential of indigestion to induce hallucinatory effects), mostly delivered by a variety of ghosts in varying degrees of undress, who seek to guide our cruel protagonist into a joyful, generous and decadent celebration of the season.

Despite the many different moral lessons of the novel, the real core of A Christmas Carol is the importance of the act of gift giving, with a heavy emphasis on the importance of showing love and generosity within your means, whilst you are still able to make a difference.

Much like his imagining of Christmas (and London) the gift giving moral at the core of Dickens work still very much rings true today.

So as the gift giving season approaches and we are all in desperate search of the perfect gift to express the depths of our affection, it is worth taking a moment to remember that really, there is no better gift than a book!

"I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a school-boy. I am as giddy as a drunken man.” - A Christmas Carol

Either as a random act of love or appreciation, or perhaps in early preparation for Christmas, make your friends and family (or perhaps yourself) as joyful as Scrooge on Christmas morning, by gifting one of our handpicked books (or subscription) from our tempting Black Friday offers.

Happy gift giving!

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