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March 6th 2021


If you're struggling to decide between our fabulous selection of titles available this November, we're here to provide a helping hand. As the UK retreats indoors again, we're all dreaming of escape...

Sometimes you just need a good book to whisk you away in mind and spirit.

Mr Wilder & Me - to reminisce about red wine, brie and Southern French sunshine, choose this one.

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

Pour yourself a glass of red and pull up a wheel of brie because this glorious, gorgeous book is totally transporting: the perfect escape into sunshine, romance, good food and a brilliant story. It’s richly evocative of time and place and full of warmth, joy, flavour and sunshine. A beautiful coming of age novel is balanced with a nuanced depiction of the long shadows cast on the psyche of European refugees after the Second World War. And the way that the book handles the delicate, powerful love between mother and daughter couldn’t be more moving. A total joy.

The Life I Was Meant to Live - if you're after French sunshine but more town than countryside, go for Julien Sandrel's romantic tale set in Avignon.

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

This is a witty, beautiful and moving novel that is absolutely bursting with love. Julien Sandrel masterfully handles the relationships in this story to the point where they feel like long-lost family to the reader. This is one of those beautiful books which skips along and could be devoured in an afternoon or savoured over a month. Heady, gorgeous and romantic.

The Searcher - if you want a mental escape to the Emerald Isle, be prepared for mystery...

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

This is one of those quiet, sinister thrillers that’s all the more brilliant for its subtlety. Set in a remote Irish village, its sense of atmosphere and quiet urgency is utterly captivating. It is a complex, intelligent story that examines the human need to know, to care for and to help. This book hooks you in and makes you care deeply about its characters, their fate and the mystery that surrounds them. An absolute masterclass in thriller-writing.

Leave The World Behind - wish you could book an AirBnB and escape to a cabin in the woods? Think again...

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

It’s little surprise that this brilliant book has already been optioned for a huge Netflix production starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. The writing is vivid and astonishingly observant as a dystopian reality rolls out before the reader. The bizarre and terrifying world that emerges, is one that leaves us gripped to find out what happens next. Rumaan handles race, sex, politics and relationships with pinpoint accuracy in this truly (but wonderfully) nightmarish book.

Back To Nature - immerse yourself in the British countryside and think of damp leaves, long walks and rolling hills.

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

Packham’s absolute, boyish and joyous passion for nature bursts through every page in this delightful and important book. He and Megan McCubin bring facts to the table in a way that’s reassuring rather than obtrusive; bring positivity to the conversation about conservation and manage to paint a picture of the enormity of the difference every individual can make. It’s a joy to read for its love of nature and an important read for its ability to make an activist of us all.

Murder on Mustique - take me to the Caribbean, darling.

What we think about the book at LoveMyRead:

This is a page turner of simply brilliant quality and the perfect read for anyone wanting to escape to the Caribbean, in mind at least. Glenconner brings such vibrancy and atmosphere to the book: we can smell the ocean, hear the cicadas and taste the vodka martinis in this wonderful portrayal of drama on the private island which in real life was once the holiday spot of Princess Margaret and her famous friends. It’s a fantastic premise that a Lady In Waiting – a woman whose role is to be perceptive, accurate and precise – turns detective à la Miss Marple. Anne Glenconner may have written this, her debut novel, at 87 years of age but it is a truly masterful murder mystery.

Whichever book you choose, sit back and enjoy.

The LoveMyRead Team x

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