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Enjoy 20% discount off your first subscription with Doodle's Book Club.

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Why should I subscribe to LoveMyRead, rather than buy books as and when I need them?

We’ll provide guaranteed quality new releases, curated and delivered straight to your door every month on the day they hit shelves. Our subscriptions are designed with the aim of getting you the best new books for you to enjoy, share and read before anyone else. The more you love it, the better we’ve done.

Do I get the discount for as long as I'm a subscriber?

The 20% discount offer is an introductory offer. After your first package ends, it will auto-renew at the full price of the same length package you have. We will of course be in touch before it renews, to remind you before funds are paid.

Is it a hop, skip and a jump to cancel?

While we hope you don’t go, we’re here to make life better for you, not worse.

As well as the ability to skip a month, if you decide this really isn’t for you, just cancel via your membership page at our website or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll sort out whatever you need.

How can I trust the titles you’ve chosen?

Our team works with all the major UK publishers and a huge array of independent publishers, searching the market for what we think are some of the most diverse, beautiful and wonderful new releases that month. Whilst we can’t promise you’ll love the book as much as we have, we’ll guarantee that all our titles are chosen with maximum care and attention.

When can I expect my book?

The release date of the book will determine the day you receive your LoveMyRead parcel. If the book is already out when you subscribe, we’ll get your chosen book in the post to you that same day.

Every month from then on, you’ll get the books the day they’re released to the public in stores, without having to leave your house!!

What if I don’t read a book every month?

We know a book a month may sound like a lot, so you can skip any month at any point and still get all the books that you’ve paid for when you want. Every month you’re asked if you want to skip this book or simply pause the subscription and start again when you’re ready. You’re in full control.

What else do I get other than a book?

We’ve packed the box full of things we think you’ll enjoy to make the experience as wonderful as possible. From time to time, we’ll partner with some amazing brands that we think you’ll love… so expect a surprise or two alongside your wonderful read.

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