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For Children

A Superhero Like You

Dr Ranj & Liam Darcy

0-3 years

A celebration of incredible key-workers by Dr Ranj, presenter of CBeebies series Get Well Soon, resident doctor on ITV's This Morning and front line NHS paediatrician.

Lily knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up: a superhero! But she's not interested in being a silly superhero. She doesn't want to wear her pants outside her trousers! Lily wants to be a REAL superhero: the kind who helps people and makes the world a better place.

Join Lily as she meets the extraordinary superheroes all around us, from doctors, teachers and air ambulance paramedics to scientists, recycling truck drivers and carers. Discover the amazing work these real-life heroes do using their incredible superpowers of kindness, care and love.

This uplifting picture book celebrates key-workers, and shows little readers that we all have the potential within us to be superheroes.

LoveMyRead Review

A colourful book about the hero in all of us. This story shows how each and every one of us counts and can make a difference. It also shows how all of us may have the most important superpowers of all - kindness and love. This is a great book to share.

PUBLISH DATE: 12th November 2020

Jeremy Worried About The Wind

Pamela Butchart & Kate Hindley

4-6 years

A quirky, touching fully illustrated picture book that will open up important conversations about worries and anxiety from Blue Peter prize winning author, Pamela Butchart. Jeremy is a worrier. He worries about odd socks, spotty bananas, evil squirrels, burnt toast, dinosaurs and, most of all . . . the wind! His friend Maggie isn't worried about anything - after all, what's the worst that could happen? But when Maggie decides to go outside and play in the wind, Jeremy must act fast to keep her out of danger, and he is soon to discover that a bit of courage leads to the most exciting adventures. A funny and reassuring story from the bestselling author of Wigglesbottom Primary, and with charming and humorous artwork by Kate Hindley, illustrator of best-selling 'The Same But Different Too' and 'You Must Bring a Hat'.

LoveMyRead Review

We all sometimes worry about different things. In this story, Jeremy worries too, until his friend Maggie helps him overcomes his anxieties. Jeremy Worried About The Wind is a lovely story with engaging illustrations about facing and overcoming our worries. This story shows how sharing our worries can help us to not just face them but overcome them too.

PUBLISH DATE: 3rd September 2020

Bandit's Daughter: Kung Fu Girl in Ancient China

Simon Mason

7-9 years

At the beginning of the 11th century, General Yang sends his son Zongbao to exterminate the bandit living in Dragon-Taming Wood. In the forest, Zongbao is surprised by the bandit's teenage daughter, a kung fu prodigy, who challenged him to unarmed combat. Her deal? If Zongbao wins, she will lead him to her father's secret hideout. If she wins, she will take him to her father as her prisoner. So begins Mu Guiying's extraordinary story, which will end with a spectacular battle for the destiny of her country.

LoveMyRead Review

Bandit’s Daughter is the thrilling tale of Mu Guiying - kung fu warrior and military genius. Like Robin Hood or King Arthur she’s a tantalising mixture of truth and fiction who has inspired many real historical figures. Simon Mason tells the tale with great verve. This book is part of the terrific True Adventure series by Pushkin Press.

PUBLISH DATE: 5th November 2020


Katherine Orton

10-12 year

Through the glass, the magic is waiting... Nona and her uncle travel everywhere together, replacing stained-glass windows in war-torn buildings throughout England. One day a mysterious commission takes them to the lonely moors of Dartmoor, where a powerful magic threatens everything that Nona holds dear. She is determined to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves – even if it means fighting darkness itself. A beautifully imaginative and rich adventure about determination, courage and the power of love, set in the aftermath of World War Two. Perfect for fans of Abi Elphinstone, Sophie Anderson and Catherine Doyle. This is atmospheric fantasy at its very best, exploring a moment of British history not often told, and weaving it with magic, folklore and mystery. Explores themes of grief, courage and losing your home.

LoveMyRead Review

Glassheart is roaring fire of a book, a winterish adventure story set on Dartmoor in the aftermath of World War Two. It has a terrific, twilight atmosphere with great landscapes, ancient spirits and a courageous child. Nona’s uncle is a restorer of stained glass windows and at its heart this is a story about putting the World back to rights after terrible events.

PUBLISH DATE: 5th November 2020

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