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Bandit's Daughter: Kung Fu Girl in Ancient China

Simon Mason

Published: 5th November 2020 At the beginning of the 11th century, General Yang sends his son Zongbao to exterminate the bandit living in Dragon-Taming Wood. In the forest, Zongbao is surprised by the bandit's teenage daughter, a kung fu prodigy, who challenged him to unarmed combat. Her deal? If Zongbao wins, she will lead him to her father's secret hideout. If she wins, she will take him to her father as her prisoner. So begins Mu Guiying's extraordinary story, which will end with a spectacular battle for the destiny of her country. PAPERBACK Publisher: Pushkin Children's ISBN: 9781782692737
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Our Curators said...

Bandit’s Daughter is the thrilling tale of Mu Guiying - kung fu warrior and military genius. Like Robin Hood or King Arthur she’s a tantalising mixture of truth and fiction who has inspired many real historical figures. Simon Mason tells the tale with great verve. This book is part of the terrific True Adventure series by Pushkin Press.

Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

- Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

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