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Black England

Gretchen Gerzina

Published: 29th September 2022 The idea that Britain became a mixed-race country after 1945 is a common mistake. Georgian England had a large and distinctive Black community. Whether prosperous citizens or newly freed slaves, they all ran the risk of kidnap and sale to plantations. Black England tells their dramatic, often moving stories. Publisher: John Murray Press ISBN: 9781399804882
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Our Curators said...

‘This is the book that inspired me to write The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho. Gretchen Gerzina shows that many Black Georgians (including Sancho) existed in British society and the history of Black Britons started long before the Windrush Generation. The richness of Black experience in Britain is brought to life here with wonderful historical detail and fantastic writing’

Paterson Joseph

- Paterson Joseph

What the Critics are Saying

'Wonderfully vivid, multifaceted and engrossing... this book brings history alive'

Bernadine Evaristo

'Black England taught me more history than I ever learned at school. This book helped me to understand the history that my generation are making now. To say that it is groundbreaking is stating the obvious. Black England is part of our canon. With books like this to guide us, we are unstoppable. Gretchen Gerzina tells it as it was, so we know how it is. Black England is a book that will be relevant for ever'

Benjamin Zephaniah

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