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Bunny Vs Monkey and The Human Invasion

Jamie Smart

Published: 4th February 2021 Since he crash-landed to Earth in a rocket, Monkey has been causing absolute mayhem! Bunny and the gang (Squirrel, Pig [the Pig], Action Beaver, and Skunky the Inventor) have almost had enough. In this rollicking comic extravaganza, the pint-sized friends must tackle a helliphant, rocket-powered hot air balloons, and the most mind-boggling creatures of all… hew-mans… Jamie’s art and storytelling fizz with exuberance – the pages turn themselves in this addictive collection of stories. PAPERBACK Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781788451956
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Our Curators said...

I’ve been a fan of the Phoenix comic’s Bunny versus Monkey for years. All was peaceful in the woods for animals like Weenie the Squirrel and Pig the Pig until Monkey crashed down in a rocket and started to create mayhem. The love-hate relationship between Bunny and Monkey is in the great tradition of Roadrunner and Coyote. I love how the characters are so easily distracted from their own stories and of course Jamie Smart’s drawings are full of wild energy. A dose of colourful laughter to vaccinate you against the dull winter days.

Malorie, Frank and the LoveMyRead Team

- Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

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