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Freddy vs School

Neill Cameron

Published: 7th January 2021 A hilarious first novel from Neill Cameron, creator of the Mega Robo Bros series and How to Make Awesome Comics. POW! PEW! FWOOOSH! Meet Freddy – the most super-amazing superhero robot EVER. His unbelievably Amazing Robotic Abilities are mind-blowingly cool. But it turns out that teachers get really angry when you use your rocket boosters in class. Freddy’s super awesome – but he’s also in BIG TROUBLE. Can he stay true to himself, stay in school AND save his friends from disaster? Fizzing with hilarity and empathy, and sublimely dynamic, the chronicles celebrate unity, uniqueness and diversity. PAPERBACK Publisher: David Fickling Books ISBN: 9781788451437
RRP: £6.99
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Our Curators said...

Freddy has the same routine as most kids - lives with his parents, goes to school. The difference is .. Freddy is a robot, loaded with super powers. Of course he’s not allowed to use those super powers in school. But when there are wrongs to be righted and fun to be had … how can he resist the temptation!? This is a funny, inventive book that bounces with joy.

Malorie, Frank and the LoveMyRead Team

- Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

What the Critics are Saying

Brilliantly written and HILARIOUS!

Laura Ellen Anderson

Alex and Freddy are instantly lovable and believable…an immensely smart, fun and nuanced series opener

Kirkus starred review

Unmissable excitement for kids of all ages and vintage, this is a true must-have.

Comics Review

Exudes energy and excitement…funny, compelling and a celebration of diversity.


The perfect story for a comic strip presentation with lots of action, plenty of danger and a fast-paced story.

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