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Gennaro's Cucina

Gennaro Contaldo

Published: 2nd February 2023 'Cucina povera' is the food that traditionally fed the poor of Italy yet remains the basis of most Italian dishes we love to eat today. It's a simple philosophy - delicious, hearty meals using accessible and affordable ingredients. Encouraging an ethos of zero waste, Gennaro's Cucina ensures that every part of the ingredient, and your budget, is put to good culinary use. Along with the majority of post-war Italian families, a young Gennaro was raised on a diet harvested on a limited budget. Restricted choice of scarce ingredients meant they learnt the value what they had, how to cook dishes lovingly and use imaginative methods of preservation to make simple dishes go far: including salting, drying and curing. In this inspirational cookbook, Gennaro takes you on a culinary journey of regional basic Italian staples and turns them into beautiful meals. With tips and ideas of what to do with leftovers, Gennaro helps home cooks squeeze maximum use from the 'cucina povera' ethos, turning humble ingredients into nourishing feasts without taste sacrifice. Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9781911682608
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Our Curators said...

Gennaro's newest cookbook brings delicious and fuss-free meals from a fascinating and well preserved historical context.

The LoveMyRead Team

- LoveMyRead

What the Critics are Saying

Proper, old-school classics to use up every scrap.

Jamie Oliver

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