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NoViolet Bulawayo

Shortlisted for the 2022 Booker Prize Published: 7th April 2022 A long time ago, in a bountiful land not so far away, the animal denizens lived quite happily. Then the colonisers arrived. After nearly a hundred years, a bloody War of Liberation brought new hope for the animals - along with a new leader. A charismatic horse who commanded the sun and ruled and ruled and kept on ruling. For forty years he ruled, with the help of his elite band of Chosen Ones, a scandalously violent pack of Defenders and, as he aged, his beloved and ambitious young donkey wife, Marvellous.But even the sticks and stones know there is no night ever so long it does not end with dawn. And so it did for the Old Horse, one day as he sat down to his Earl Grey tea and favourite radio programme. A new regime, a new leader. Or apparently so. And once again, the animals were full of hope... Publisher: Penguin ISBN: 9781784744298
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Our Curators said...

With echoes to Animal Farm, this glittering novel captures the fall of an oppressive regime and interrogates the corruption of power inducing endless cycles of tyranny.

The LoveMyRead Team

- LoveMyRead

What the Critics are Saying

'Spellbinding... this social media-saturated narrative, interwoven with the oral storytelling techniques of idiomatic speech and call and response, makes Bulawayo feel like a pioneer... Glory, with a flicker of hope at its end, is allegory, satire and fairytale rolled into one mighty punch'

Sarah Ladipo Manyika


'An acerbic, precise, heart-rending and hilarious analysis of tyranny'


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