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How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

Cherie Jones

Published: 21st January 2021 FICTION For fans of Bernardine Evaristo and Diana Evans, comes this stunning masterpiece. Exceptionally executed, totally gripping and haunting. Barbados, paradise. But beyond the white sand and glittering ocean, lies poverty, menacing violence and the story of three marriages, broken by murder, mistrust and abuse. When a burglary goes wrong, a series of events unravel that show the sacrifices some women make to survive. HARDBACK Publisher: Hachette ISBN: 9781472268778
LoveMyRead price: £14.99

Our Curators said...

This book is from start to finish, astonishing. It’s intense and haunting, hopeful and strong. Atmosphere, character and plot are all 100% on point. It’s a story I’ll never forget.


- LoveMyRead

What the Critics are Saying

A hard-hitting and unflinching novel from a bold new writer

Bernardine Evaristo

A bright new star. Cherie Jones draws us with skill, delicacy and glorious style into a vortex of Bajan lives on the edge

Diana Evans

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