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Jay Rayner's LoveMyRead Box

For lovers of eating and cooking! Jay Rayner's LoveMyRead box contains a signed copy of My Last Supper, Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many by Jeremy Lee and Motherland: A Jamaican Cookbook by Melissa Thompson. Every box is accompanied by a letter to the reader from Jay about each book and a mystery gift. In My Last Supper, Jay Rayner investigates our fascination with last suppers and tells the stories of the killer dishes that would end up on his table: how he was introduced to oysters by his late mother, how he almost burnt down a hotel because of his love for snails in bubbling garlic butter and of the many ways by which the mighty pig has fed him over the years. Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many is brimming with stories, wit, infectious joy for food and indispensable advice about cooking. A masterclass in things done well. Brilliantly illustrated by John Broadley and photographed by Elena Heatherwick, this will surely be one of the most distinctive cook books published for years from the renowned chef, Jeremy Lee. Motherland is a cookbook that charts the history of the people, influences and ingredients that uniquely united to create the wonderful patchwork cuisine that is Jamaican food today. Melissa beautifully charts the origins and evolution of Jamaica's famous dishes, from the contribution of indigenous Jamaicans, the Redware and Taíno peoples; the impact of the Spanish and British colonisation; the inspiration and cooking techniques brought from West and Central Africa by enslaved men and women; and the influence of Indian and Chinese indentured workers who came to the island, taking the reader on a journey through more than 500 years of history to give context to the beloved island and its cuisine.
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