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Jeffrey Boakye - Bespoke Box

Jeffrey Boakye, Dipo Faloyin and Nova Reid

To celebrate the paperback release of the thought-provoking I Heard What You Said, educator and author Jeffrey Boakye has curated an incredible bespoke LoveMyRead box, exploring the fearless task of tackling racism and myth-busting stereotypes. Alongside Jeffrey's own book I Heard What You Said, explore how racism has shaped the world today with Dipo Faloyin's Africa Is Not A Country, before following the generosity, wisdom and guidance of Nova Reid in her bestselling book, The Good Ally. Jeffrey's bespoke LoveMyRead box comes beautifully packaged, complete with a mystery gifts. Jeffrey Boakye - I Heard What You Said RRP: £10.99 Dipo Faloyin - Africa Is Not a Country RRP: £10.99 Nova Reid - The Good Ally RRP: £9.99 Total at RRP: £31.97

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