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Just Between Us

Adele Parks

Published: 17th August 2023 Lost. Missing. Murdered? And both her husbands are suspects... Kylie Gillingham's disappearance has gripped the nation: the woman with a shocking secret - married to two men at the same time - is missing, presumed dead. And both her husbands are suspects. DC Clements knows the dark side of human nature and that love can make people do treacherous things; you can't presume anything when it comes to crimes of the heart. While Kylie's two husbands remain prime suspects, her sons won't accept that she is dead. Until a body is found, this scandalous and sad case remains wide open. Stacie Jones lives a quiet life in a small village, nursed by her father as she recovers from illness, shielded from any disquieting news of the outside world. But their reclusive life is about to be shattered. How are these families linked, and can any of them ever rebuild their lives in the wake of tragedy?
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