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Beth Mead

Published: 10th November 2022 Top scorer and Player of the Tournament at the UEFA Women's Euros, the gifted Beth Mead lifts the lid on the Lionesses' glorious victory as well as telling the story of her own path to the top of the international game. From being placed in the local boys' team as a child because her mum wanted her to run off her boundless energy, to joining Middlesborough FC's academy and making her professional debut at Sunderland, Beth and women's football have come a long way. Now, Beth shares the challenges that shaped her, what she faced on the journey to the top, and the life events that made her stronger. Filled with positive life lessons and an exclusive account of England's Euros campaign, Beth offers readers of all ages the tools to be confident, brave, and resilient. Publisher: Hachette ISBN: 9781399611671
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Our Curators said...

Beth Mead's inspirational memoir is illuminating and beautifully written.

The LoveMyRead Team

- LoveMyRead

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