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Elizabeth Day

Published: 28th April 2022 SIGNED BOOK The deliciously sinister new psychological thriller from the woman behind the How To Fail empire. Marisa adores Jake. He’s going to be the perfect father to their baby. But why is the lodger, Kate, being so obsessive, so possessive? This is a tale of a woman who has almost everything…and is willing to take the rest. ISBN: 9780008374983

Our Curators said...

I started reading this, smug that I knew exactly what was going to happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong. And the more wrong I found myself, the more obsessed I became to find out what the true answer to the story was. This is a thrilling, devilishly dark tale about mothers, envy and control. It’s beautifully written, and speaks for all the women out there whose road to motherhood has been a bit bumpy – even if their story couldn’t possibly be as sinister as this.

The LoveMyRead Team

- LoveMyRead

What the Critics are Saying

'A dark, sleek, ever-tightening spiral ...Completely, terrifyingly BRILLIANT'

Marian Keys

'Elizabeth Day has written that rare book I always go hunting for, something that will keep me breathless with suspense but also buoyant with good energy. It is both sinister and comforting, outrageous but grounded, with a head-spinning plot twist...Magpie is a book that needed to exist in the world. It is the book that was missing'

Lisa Taddeo

'Magpie is a clever, suspenseful read with a brilliant central pivot and a keen eye for relationships, including the toxic ones. A compelling, twisting read'

Matt Haig

'Superbly taut and well-written, noirish with a big and beating heart'

Jessie Burton

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