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Malice in Underland

Jenni Jennings & Hannah Peck

Meet Malice Morbid Malign. She's from Underland, land of sorcery, spooks and skulduggery. But, she and her family live in Topside and mischief is their business . . . And the business of mischief is a very serious matter! From Malignant House, Ma and Pa run the Malign Haunting Agency, tormenting Topside families and their homes. After all, it is their responsibility to maintain respectable levels of ghastly amongst the Topsiders. And as Underland representatives, the Malign's hate books, they hate bathing, and they especially HATE helping. But when grandad ghosts mysteriously start disappearing, including her own beloved grandad, Malice has no choice but to help. She partners up with her Uncle Vexatious, to solve the case of the missing grandad ghosts. PAPERBACK Publisher: Scholastic UK ISBN: 9780702304408
RRP: £6.99
LoveMyRead price: £5.99
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Our Curators said...

A mystery story about being yourself and thinking for yourself in spite of opposition. It’s thanks to these qualities that Malice is able to solve the puzzle of the disappearing granddads!

Malorie and the LoveMyRead team

- Malorie Blackman

What the Critics are Saying

A warm-hearted, funny and gloriously gothic adventure set in a fantastic Burton-esque world, featuring disappearing grandads, moth magic and the value of being yourself.

Dominique Valente, author of Starfell

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