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My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life

Georgia Pritchett

Published: 3rd March 2022 Multi-award-winning television writer and producer Georgia Pritchett knows a thing or two about anxiety. From worrying about the monsters under her bed as a child (Were they comfy enough?), to embracing womanhood, (One way of knowing you have crossed from girlhood to womanhood is that men stop furtively masturbating at you from bushes and start shouting things at you from cars. It's a beautiful moment) worry has accompanied her at every turn. This memoir is a joyful reflection on just how to live - and sometimes even thrive (sometimes not) - with anxiety. Publisher: Faber ISBN: 9780571365906
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Our Curators said...

A memoir from childhood to middle-age told in funny, honest vignettes. It is such a warm and loveable book, covering stories from growing up in 1970s London, to being a woman in the male-dominated landscape of TV comedy writers rooms to the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Dolly Alderton

- Dolly Alderton

What the Critics are Saying

'Brimming with wit and honesty'

Nina Stibbe

'Georgia Pritchett is a singularly hilarious person. Her book is a delightful and perfect reflection of her. It's tenderness sneaks up on you and really packs a punch. What a magnificent read!'

Julia Louis Dreyfus

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