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Laline Paull

Pod takes us into the ocean, and into the world of its fascinating inhabitants, through the eyes of the beautiful Ea, a Longi dolphin. Ea has always felt like an outsider. As a spinner dolphin who has recently come of age, she’s now expected to join in the elaborate rituals that unite her pod. But Ea suffers from a type of deafness that means she just can't seem to master spinning. When catastrophe befalls her family, and Ea knows she is partly to blame, she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave the pod. As Ea ventures into the vast, she discovers dangers everywhere, from lurking predators to strange objects floating in the water. Not to mention the ocean itself seems to be changing: creatures are mutating, demonic noises pierce the depths, whole species of fish disappear into the sky above. Just as she is coming to terms with her solitude, a chance encounter with a group of arrogant bottlenoses will irrevocably alter the course of her life. Pod is an immersive and transformative new novel of an ocean world – its extraordinary creatures, mysteries, and mythologies — that is increasingly haunted by the cruelty and ignorance of the human race. Within it, Laline Paull explores the true meaning of family, belonging, sacrifice – the harmony and tragedy of the pod — within an ocean that is no longer the sanctuary it once was and which reflects a world all too recognisable to our own.
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