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Skye Falling

Mia McKenzie

Published 22nd May 2021 A woman who's used to going solo discovers that there's one relationship she can't run away from. Twenty-six and broke, Skye didn't think twice before selling her eggs and happily pocketing the cash. Now approaching forty, Skye moves through life entirely--and unrepentantly--on her own terms. But then a twelve-year-old girl shows up during one of Skye's brief visits to her hometown of Philadelphia, and tells Skye that she's "her egg." Publisher: Penguin Random House ISBN: 9781984801623
RRP: £12.99
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Our Curators said...

Skye Falling is one of those books where I fell hard for this mess of a protagonist and I was deeply invested in seeing her find her way through the world. It's what great fiction should be: a chance to meet a character who drives you crazy and hits you right in the heart.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

- Taylor Jenkins Reid

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