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Stanley Tucci's LoveMyRead Box

To celebrate the paperback release of the heart-warming (and not to mention mouth-watering) memoir Taste, award-winning actor and food enthusiast Stanley Tucci has curated a deliciously bespoke LoveMyRead box, to delight all lovers of cooking, eating, and reading. Alongside the intimate and charming memoir Taste, explore the recipes and secrets of Sardinia’s rich food culture and laid-back lifestyle in the beautiful cookbook Bitter Honey by acclaimed chef Letitia Clark, before going on a historical journey through Britain’s quest for food in 20 dishes from around the world with The Hungry Empire by Lizzie Collingham. Stanley’s bespoke LoveMyRead box comes beautifully packaged, complete with a mystery gift and letter to the reader about the books and what they mean to him. Signed copies of Taste are only available to the first 1000 customers. By purchasing this product, you are pre-ordering Stanley Tucci's LoveMyRead Box. Your order will be dispatched from 5th October via 48 tracked post with Royal Mail within the UK, various providers if you are based internationally. If you would like to push the dispatch date back further than this, you can control from what date the order will come through to our warehouse by choosing a 'ship date' on the checkout page. Please note, the book will not arrive before 5th October.
LoveMyRead price: £47

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