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Talking to Alaska

Anna Woltz

Published: 4th February 2021 A powerful story of two unlikely friends brought together by the love of a dog It only takes one day at their new school for Parker and Sven to become mortal enemies. Parker's had a terrible summer and just wants to be invisible, while Sven is desperate to make an impression and be known as anything other than "that boy with epilepsy." When Parker discovers her beloved dog Alaska - who she had to give away last year - now belongs to Sven, she's determined to steal Alaska back. Of course, that's easier said than done... PAPERBACK Publisher: One World ISBN: 9781786075833
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Our Curators said...

Parker wants to try to get through school without being noticed. Sven wants everyone to see him do something outrageous so he can be known as something other than the boy with epilepsy. It doesn’t take long for the two to become enemies. And the temperature goes even higher when Parker discovers that her beloved, lost dog - Alaska - has become Sven’s assistance dog. Obviously she’s got to steal her dog back. Anna Woltz is a master of her craft. The chapters in the book are alternately narrated by Parker and Sven in a way that makes the plot move really quickly while throwing your sympathies all over the place. You know from page one that you’re in good hands.

Malorie, Frank and the LoveMyRead Team

- Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

What the Critics are Saying

Parker and Sven can't stand each other but I loved them both from the very first page. Feisty and believable, both vulnerable in different ways, they are linked together by Alaska, Parker's beloved dog who, she discovers, now belongs to Sven. Themes of friendship, loneliness, damage and privacy are woven into a tense story with characters that jump off the page, this will be an unmissable debut in the UK.

Jill Coleman, Director of Children's Books, BookTrust

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