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The Day the Screens Went Blank

Danny Wallace

Published: 18th March 2021 A hilarious middle-grade road-trip adventure from bestselling author, comedian, and presenter Danny Wallace, with illustrations throughout from Gemma Correll. Perfect for fans of Liz Pichon and David Baddiel! Imagine if all the technology in the world just . . . STOPPED. When ten-year-old Stella wakes up to discover a world full of BLANK screens, her family, town, and in fact the whole world seems to have been thrown into chaos. And what about poor Grandma who is stranded at the other end of the country? Cue a rollicking madcap road trip, full of driving disasters and family fallouts, as they set off on a rescue mission. And along the way Stella and her family discover that being away from screens might not be the Worst Thing Ever, and even though they might not be able to rely on technology anymore, they can rely on each other instead. PAPERBACK Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781471196881
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Our Curators said...

Well this couldn’t be more timely. In a year that we’ve become more dependent on our computers, phones and streaming services than ever, Danny Wallace imagines that all these things suddenly just stop. In other hands this could have been a standard dystopian nightmare but Danny Wallace - as you’ll know if you’ve encountered his terrific Hamish series - is not just a brilliant comedy writer but also someone with a massive heart who believes in the best in people. He’s put that heart and all his comic skills into creating truly memorable and lovable heroine - Stella - and her family, and packing them off on a hilarious road trip to save Gran. In a difficult time a book to make you feel that maybe we'll be alright.

Malorie, Frank and the LoveMyRead Team

- Malorie, Frank & The LoveMyRead Team

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