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The Selfless Act of Breathing

JJ Bola

Published: 20th October 2022 A heartbreaking, lyrical story for all of those who have fantasised about escaping their daily lives and starting over. Michael Kabongo is a British-Congolese teacher living in London on the cusp of two identities. On paper, he seems to have it all - he's loved by his students, popular with his colleagues, and enjoys the pride of his mother who emigrated from the Congo. But behind closed doors, he's been struggling with the overwhelming sense that he can't improve the injustices he sees - from his efforts to change the lives of his students, to his attempts to transcend the violence that marginalises young Black men around the world. Publisher: Hachette ISBN: 9780349702063
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Our Curators said...

‘An honest and truthful book about the impact of mental health on Black British men. Michael, a British-Congolese teacher living in London has a plan: follow his dreams until the money in his bank account runs out, and then he will decide if his life is truly worth living.’

Paterson Joseph

- Paterson Joseph

What the Critics are Saying

'A beautiful, absorbing read. By turns searing and quietly devastating.'

Irenosen Okojie

'A bold work with a broad scope, bravely tackling masculinity, hopelessness and despair with force and directness.'

Okechukwu Nzelu

'Absolutely stunning.'

Elizabeth Day

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