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The Year of Miracles: Recipes About Grief + Love + Growing Things

Ella Risbridger

This cookbook is about a year in the kitchen (and in the garden under the fire-escape steps). A year of grief and hope and change; of cardamom-cinnamon chicken rice, fancy fish pie, chimichurri courgettes, blackberry miso birthday cake, quadruple carb soup, and sticky toffee Guinness brownie pudding. A year of loss, of every kind of romance, and fried jam sandwiches. A year of seedlings and pancakes. A year of falling in love. A year of recipes. A year, in other words, of minor miracles.
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What the Critics are Saying

'Ella Risbridger has a comforting talent for delivering deliciousness in a way that seems like an act of compassion'

Nigella Lawson

'An extraordinary, heartwarming book with gorgeous recipes. I loved it.'


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