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Ticket to the World

Martin Kemp

Published: 10th November 2022 Ticket to the World is a joyous, nostalgic celebration of eighties culture from one man at the centre of it all. In this candid, evocative memoir, Martin Kemp reflects on the unforgettable decade that made him - and that he in turn helped to shape. Join Martin as he reminisces on leading the New Romantics, heady nights at the Blitz, adventures with Spandau Ballet, the era-defining Live Aid and many other memorable moments along the way. From friendships with George Michael, Sade and Boy George to living under Thatcher, from his musical influences to the distinctive fashion choices, Ticket to the World explores both Martin's personal experiences and the social and political climate underpinning the decade. Ticket to the World is a heart-warming love letter to the creativity and culture that made the eighties, in all its dayglo glory. Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780008586041
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