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All kinds of books for all kinds of wonderful

Words are personal. It matters how we share them. A great story can change a life, so the gift of a book can change everything. That’s why LoveMyRead exists.

Putting more books into the hands of children and adults

You’re enthralled. Transported. Emboldened. Entertained. Discover a the best brand new releases each month from a diverse range of brilliant authors and have their titles hand delivered to you door packed with goodies and treats!

We believe in Wonder

Stories have the power to change lives. They can change the way we see the world and shake our souls up for the better. Sharing a story is one of life’s greatest gifts.

So we curate books

Before they win praise, before they win prizes. Voices from all corners, books that broaden horizons until the only frontier is imagination.

And share where it counts

Join our communities online, review and discuss your chosen books, love of everything reading and more.

If wonderful writing is the fruit of a creative life, then wonderful books are surely the seeds.

Great books change lives

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