Will my order arrive in time for Christmas?

UK Orders placed by the 15th of December should arrive before Christmas. For any International orders we recommend you purchase by the 5th of December for delivery in time for Christmas.

Please note that Royal Mail have planned strike action for December which may cause delays to deliveries. While we will do our best to get all orders out in a timely fashion, there is a chance that this strike action will affect the arrival of your package.

Why should I subscribe to LoveMyRead, rather than buy books as and when I need them?

Over 600 books were released on Sept 3, 2020. That's a lot of choice. And we all live busy lives. So, LoveMyRead does the hard work for you. We curate the best books and bring them to you. From future bestsellers to debut authors.

We’ll provide guaranteed quality new releases, curated and delivered straight to your door every month. Our subscriptions are designed with the aim of getting you excited about new releases. The more you love it, the better we’ve done.

How can I trust the titles you’ve chosen?

Our team works with all the major UK publishers and a huge array of independent publishers, searching the market for what we think are some of the most diverse, beautiful, and wonderful new releases that month. In 2021 we 5 of the 13 Booker Prize shortlist were books that we had curated before they were published. Whilst we can’t promise you’ll love the book as much as we have, we’ll guarantee that all our titles are chosen with maximum care and attention.

What's the difference between our standard and premium subscription tiers?

Our premium tier gives those who want access to all the books on our website, sent with surprise and delight treats. Premium members can choose from any of the books we curate, notably the monthly brand new hardbacks that carry a higher RRP.

Our standard tier is for those wanting to subscribe for a little less each month. Standard members are able to pick our paperback options and have delivered with just one surprise in their box. Standard members can pay extra to get a premium book though. Our standard subscription is good for those who like to float between paperback and hardbacks and are not concerned about receiving so many additional treats each month.

Please note, if you choose a past pick listed as hardback on our website that has since been published in paperback, we cannot guarantee that hardback stock will still be available.

When can I expect my book?

We aim to send all of our boxes to customers at the same time, so that the LoveMyRead community can enjoy all of the monthly treats along with their chosen book together.

By the 17th of every month our lovingly crafted boxes will have been dispatched.

If there are any issues with the delivery of your box, please do get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] so that we can resolve the situation as soon as possible.

What if I don’t read a book every month? What's skipping and banking?

We know a book a month may sound like a lot, so we make it easy for you to control your subscription.

If you are on a monthly package, you can skip the next month and no payment will be taken for your next month. Collection will automatically resume on the 1st of the month after. We are unable to reverse a skip so please do so carefully. If you are happy to continue payments but don't want a book that month, we offer the chance to 'bank' your slot. This is a process whereby you leave the slot open for that month with no book selected. This will remain open and you will be able to come back and pick a book at any time whilst you have an active subscription.

If you are on a gift or pre paid subscription (3, 6 or 12 months) then you can 'bank' your monthly slot and use it at a later date. Banking is a process whereby you leave the slot open with no book selected. This will remain open and you will be able to come back and pick a book at any time whilst you have an active subscription. Unfortunately Skipping which would need to push your renewal date is not possible. You will always get the amount of books that have been paid for.

Open slots can be redeemed up to 14 days after a subscription has expired. Outside of this 14 day cooling off period, open book slots will be closed.

What else do I get other than a book?

We’ve packed the box full of things we think you’ll enjoy to make the experience as wonderful as possible. From time to time, we’ll partner with some amazing brands that we think you’ll love… so expect a surprise or two alongside your wonderful read.

Is it a hop, skip and a jump to cancel?

While we hope you don’t go, we’re here to make life better for you, not worse.

As well as the ability to skip a month, if you decide this really isn’t for you, just cancel via your membership dashboard on our website or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll sort out whatever you need.

Cancellations via the membership dashboard can only be made in the last month of the current subscription.

What if I don’t like any of the choices

While we work extremely hard to pick books we think you’ll love, if the time comes and you really don’t like any the picks, you can always browse our shop which includes previous month’s choices as well as some outstanding classics from our curators.

It’s the end of the month and I haven’t got my book yet

As much as we try, we know deliveries sometimes go wrong. Email us at

[email protected] and a member of our team will help you out ASAP.

Can I have a subscription for myself as well as buy a gift for someone else?

Absolutely. You can have as many active subscriptions as you’d like. Manage them all from the convenience of one account.

Can my bookclub sign up?

We love bookclubs! Have the leader of the bookclub to get in touch, tell us how many people there are in your club and we will send you a discount code for everyone to use. Each person will need to sign up individually so they can manage their own accounts. Then each month, when we release the books, you decide amongst yourselves which book to get and we will pop them in the post to you! Visit our bookclubs page to find out more about signing up as a group.

What is your stance on plastic and recycling?

Our stance on plastic and recycling is unequivocal: we’ve worked really hard to make sure there’s no single use plastic in our boxes and that every box can be recycled.

What kinds of books do you choose?

It’s really important to us that we champion a range of authors, from the really well known to the debut author or unknown writer. We champion writers of all colours and backgrounds. For us, all that matters is that we present to you books that are really good reads. And by ‘good’, we definitely don’t mean ‘difficult’!

Are your kids books meant to be read to a child or read by them?

The books will always be age appropriate to the age category. There will be a variety of books that are suitable for reading to children, reading with children, reading aloud or for children to read alone. The beauty of the LoveMyRead team is we will have done the hard work for you in identifying these, and will recommend what read each book sits in. We will always value your feedback though.

What if my child can’t read the books you send?

Don’t worry! We know that children's reading skills develop at different stages. We don’t send books to test literacy skills - we want children to enjoy the books. Children will get as much out of the books if they listen to you sharing the story with them as they would if they read it by themselves.

Can I choose what kids book I get sent?

Afraid not. Each month everyone in each age bracket for children subscription is sent the same book. This means the child will get to try a wide range of books, genres and authors, and if they have a friend who also has a subscription in the same age group, they will be able to talk about the same book each month!

You can of course, always visit our shop and buy other books individually.

Do you make different selections for different genders in the children's subscription boxes?

No everyone in the same age receives the same book regardless of gender. Our curation team are careful to select books which appeal to to all children are reflective of the modern world we live in.

What if I already have the book you send?

We will be sending you books that are brand new so hopefully it won’t be one you already own, but if it is please let us know as soon as possible.

My child is now in a different age group does it automatically send them the next category or do I have to let you know?

When this happens, please let us know at [email protected] and we will change the age category they receive. We might also pop a little celebration in the post too.

How does shipping work?

For subscriptions, shipping is charged at £3 per month in addition to the base price of the package. This is two-day tracked shipping provided by Royal Mail. For shop orders we have standard and next day delivery available. orders processed on next day delivery after 12pm will be processed the following day.

How do I update my card details and delivery address?

If you wish to change your card details or delivery address, you can do so in your account page. Changes to delivery will take effect from the next shipping month. If you wish to update a parcel being dispatched in the same month, please contact [email protected] and we'll update the delivery.

What if my book is damaged? What is the replacement process?

We do everything we can to avoid damaged and missing parcels, but unfortunately a minute percentage do get bashed about a bit too much by the courier. We'll replace any damaged goods that you receive. In terms of the process, you'll need to email [email protected] with images of the damaged item(s). We will then send you a label to return the item to us. Once it's been received in our warehouse we'll get the new copy back on its way to you!

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