Sending a gift

How do I give a gift?

To get started, click here. You'll be prompted to choose the age of the child, length of package, enter the recipient's email and delivery information and well as choose their first book if you'd like.

How do I choose a school to send a book to?

For every gift to a child, you can also send a new book to a school. You can select any school during the checkout process. Leave the box blank to donate to the UK Schools Library Association.

When does it get sent?

You can choose the date you want to start the gift subscription at checkout, as well as the write a gift message that will be printed in a box. Emails get sent at 3am on the send date (or the next day if you select today).

Which email should I use?

We recommend using the email of the parent or guardian of the child you'd like to send the gift to.

What happens on the 'send date'?

On the day you select, they'll get an email with the link to activate their gift. The send date is important as you gift automatically starts on this day so ensure the recipient is aware they need to activate their account and confirm the details.

You can download your free gift voucher here to post to your loved one as well.

Where do you ship?

We are currently only able to ship to the UK. You'll need to enter a UK address at checkout to send a gift.

When am I billed?

Our shipping cycles run from the 1-25th of each month.

If your 'send date' is within the current shipping cycle you'll be billed immediately.

If your send date is in next month's shipping cycle or between the 26th and end of the month, you'll be billed from the start of the following month.

Redeeming my gift

How do I redeem my gift?

If you've been given a gift, you'll get an email on the morning of the gift with the link to start. After you click the button, you'll be prompted to create an account, and choose your first book. You should follow the links until you've registered your first book choice.

Can I redeem multiple gifts on the same account?

To redeem more than one gift you'll:

1) Get a different activation email for each subscription you receive
2)) Use each activation link whilst logged out of your account
3) Log-in each time via the link using your LoveMyRead account

Following these steps will allow you to redeem your gift.

I didn't get my link - what do I do?

Email us at [email protected] with your name and the name of the person who gifted you a subscription, we'll retrieve your link and get you started.

When will I get my first book?

You'll get your first book 2-3 days after you activate your gift. You can visit your account section here to see all your expected book choices.

How do I pick my books each month?

Every month, around the 10th we'll email you a list of our 6 featured books for you to choose from for the next month. Use the email to choose the book you want by the 14th of the month.

What if I don’t like any of the choices?

If you don't like any of the choices, you can choose from all the previous month's curations. From the email you'll be prompted to visit a page with the current selection, from there you can opt to choose a previous book.

When will I get my book?

We intend to ship the book in the first week of every month, however some books will not be available for release until later in the month. Each book has release date information in the description.

It’s past the publication date and I haven’t got my book yet

As much as we try, we know deliveries sometimes go wrong. Email us at

[email protected] and a member of our team will help you out ASAP.

What if I don’t read a book every month?

When you get the 'choose your book' email, you can opt to pause the subscription. This will skip the upcoming month and you won't be sent a book.

Can I pause anytime?

Of course, you can also pause a subscription anytime in your account section here. To pause the upcoming month, this must be registered by the end of the current month.

Any pause registered in the current month will only apply to the next month, not the current month.

About the books

Can I choose what Children’s book I get sent?

Afraid not. Each month everyone in each age bracket for children subscription is sent the same book. We aim to select a wide range of books, genres and authors to broaden horizons of all the children with our subscription.

You can of course, always visit our shop and buy other books individually.

What kinds of books do you choose?

It’s really important to us that we champion a range of authors, from the really well known to the debut author or unknown writer. We champion writers of all colours and backgrounds. For us, all that matters is that we present to you books that are really good reads. And by ‘good’, we definitely don’t mean ‘difficult’!

Are your children’s books meant to be read to a child or read by them?

The books will always be age appropriate to the age category. There will be a variety of books that are suitable for reading to children, reading with children, reading aloud or for children to read alone. Our LoveMyRead team have done the hard work for you in identifying these, and will recommend what read each book sits in.

We will always value your feedback though.

What if my child can’t read the books you send?

Don’t worry! We know that children's' reading skills develop at different stages. We don’t send books to test literacy skills - we want children to enjoy the books. Children will get as much out of the books if they listen to you sharing the story with them as they would if they read it by themselves.

My Child is now in a different age group - what do i do?

When this happens, please let us know at [email protected] and we will change the age category they receive. We might also pop a little celebration in the post too.

Ending my gift

What happens at the end of the gift?

The gifter gets an email asking whether they'd like to continue to pay for their gift. If they choose to, this gift will auto-renew for the same period.

How do I continue if they choose to end the gift?

You'll have the option of continuing this subscription yourself and be prompted to enter payment to start the following month.

How do I cancel?

If your gifter hands the subscription over to you, cancel the subscription by following the prompt on the email. Remember you can always pause the subscription after you take it over rather than cancelling, you won't be charged for the months you are paused.

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